I am so grateful for my family. I am grateful to have beautiful, wonderful friends that I love. I am grateful to always be learning and growing.

Gratitude is so incredibly powerful. This is obviously not an original idea; there are many authors, psychologists, and humans looking into the benefits of practicing gratitude daily. The people in my life that I look up to the most live a life of gratitude. In my opinion it is something we are born with the capacity for, but is something we need to put into practice to grow. The more gratitude is practiced, the easier it becomes a reflex to turn to not only when it is easy (but when it is necessary).

A lot of my thoughts can be anxious, and I know that I need to actively change them to make the difference that I would like to see. Also, when you are grateful, I don’t think you can take anything for granted. This has become extremely important to me through certain life experiences lately. Taking a step back out of my own head to examine my thoughts is something that can be difficult; it takes a lot of self-awareness. I know that this is something that is worth it though.

I’m hoping writing this will keep me accountable not to be perfect, but to be in practice.


This is my first semester at a university after transferring from a community college here in California. We’re a little more than halfway through the semester, and my classes are pretty cool (as far as classes can be). I’m studying Psychology and I find the brain to be intriguing and people to be fascinating in the best of times (we won’t talk about the worst, for now).

The most interesting part of all of this so far is my Theories and Techniques of Counseling course. This being my first semester and wanting to take on a full-time load of coursework culminated in having to take classes pretty much whenever I could get them. This led me to my current schedule, of which the main event each week depicts me re-evaluating my life every Wednesday night from 7-9:35 p.m. That is what this counseling course is doing to me, and quite a few of my classmates from what I can tell.

Don’t get me wrong, this course has been really great! It also has forced me to look inwards before/during/after every meeting we have had. After some introspection, I think a good portion of this comes from where I am in my life, and maybe a little bit comes from talking about topics such as Existentialism in the hours that we spend discussing. It’s anybody’s guess, really.

Screenshot 2018-11-05 00.24.38
Just a typical Wednesday night.

In general, this is me trying to figure out who I am and how to do something (anything) with the life that I have been given. This has been a season of growing for me, and that does not happen by accident. It takes work. Part of that work is coming through in this class where we discuss how we plan to help others, and what those who have come before us decided that they should do. Our professor has made it pretty clear, however, that we cannot effectively care for others until we take the time and effort to care for ourselves. I have so much I could say on this topic, but I’ll save some for later and spare anyone reading this from it dragging on forever.

So, you know where I’ll be the rest of the semester-

Re-evaluating my life every Wednesday night from 7-9:35 p.m.