Life is crazy! As if that isn’t known or stated already. There have been so many changes in life recently. Here is my attempt to process through it all-

I unfortunately had to withdraw from classes for the semester due to mental health. I got a new job that has been so fun and I am so excited about. I started as an art teacher assistant at a nonprofit center. It is all about inspiring creativity and reaching out to the community. The people there are awesome. I am trying to find another job/ source of income because my job is freelance and has more consistent work during the school year.

I also started an internship at my church, which has been amazing to serve so far and continue to grow and develop in who I am and who I am created to be. I still volunteer at the children’s hospital one day a week. I am trying to keep my schedule balanced so I have time to see my friends, spend time with my family, and have enough time for myself. I am trying to create better habits. I am trying organize my room, keep it that way, and make it a space I enjoy being in. A few of my friends are getting married and I am in their weddings so that is another exciting/ involved process. I am trying to be creative more daily (this tends to fall through the cracks).

Things I still need to do: Find a therapist. Clean my car. Go to the eye doctor and get new glasses. Catch up on all the embroidery projects I wanted to make for friends. Decide what I am doing for school. Make good sleep habits. Spend less time on screens.

Hopefully this will help me order it all around in my mind.

Sassy + Happy

I took a day trip to L.A. with a few of my friends last week. We all wanted a girls day so we made the drive and spent the day doing fun things a couple of the gals had wanted to check out! We spent some time in the Glossier store, and I did not expect to like it as much as I did (I thought it was overhyped). We did up our make up trying all of their products and then took some time walking around before dinner. We all took photos with different walls to represent each of us- so of course mine needed to be the succulent wall (insert heart eyes).

Something that I enjoy now that I did not used to is putting outfits together. I want to keep a record of the clothes that I actually wear because I need to get rid of (donate) what I do not use. I think Marie Kondo’s methods may work out for me since we both put an emphasis on joy. So I can then get rid of the items that are not adding anything positive to my life. I also desire to be more sustainable in my future choices, and stop supporting brands that are a part of fast fashion and contribute to unfair labor practices. etc.


So I guess this place can also serve to track evidence of my process.

If I had thought about posting these perhaps I would have changed up the pictures a bit more lol Oh well!
Always in Chucks.

If anyone out there has any tips for making more sustainable choices and/ or some good organizing secrets let me know!

Gift-giving guide.

One of my favorite things in the world is giving gifts! I absolutely love sharing joy with my family and friends, whether it’s a small gift just because or something a little bigger for an occasion. I also think I’m pretty good at it. However, I think that anyone can have a talent for it with the right thoughtful mindset!

To me, all gifts are meaningful. I appreciate someone taking the time out of their day even if to only think about me. That’s why I love cards, anything handmade, photos, whatever it may be! When I am thinking of giving to others though, I think gifts can mean more than we think. Some people may be materialistic and that’s why they enjoy receiving gifts, but I think for a lot of people it’s something different. A couple reasons that a meaningful gift can be more than just a material item are:

1. It shows the other person that you are thinking of them.

2. It reveals that you know things about the person and what they like/love.

When I am thinking of what to get someone I love, I try to think if they have mentioned anything around me that they need or would love to have. This comment could have been from six months ago, but that person will be appreciative and probably surprised that you remembered. It does not have to be something extravagant, but it will make the person feel as if they are actually listened to.

If that doesn’t strike up any ideas, I like to think of what I know about the other person. Do they like funny gifts, sentimental gifts, or maybe even both? From there I will pick a path to go down. I have bought silly socks with puns on them for friends that love puns. I made a basket for a friend that spent the summer here in California with items that I thought would remind her of her time here. For a friend that loves sunshine and needed to make her room feel more like home, I picked out different succulents and plants and had them arranged in a beautiful pot with a macrame wall hanging to go with it.

A magical farewell.

The reason I think this is so important is because people love and deserve to feel known. I want to spend my life making sure my family and friends know that I see them, and I appreciate who they are and the things they appreciate. It’s really not about the money, or the items themselves. It might be silly to think you can say such important things with favorite candies, a funny shirt, and some stickers- but I’ll keep trying.

Here we go.

I have decided I am not a big fan of intro posts; I would much rather jump right in (or I might never start)-

I need a space to be creative. I need a space to write out my thoughts. Some might (will) be silly, some might be serious, but the desire is to be authentic. I am in a place where I am learning and growing in different ways, and I want to be able to see how I am progressing and where I am going. I still have a lot to figure out, so here we go.