Sassy + Happy

I took a day trip to L.A. with a few of my friends last week. We all wanted a girls day so we made the drive and spent the day doing fun things a couple of the gals had wanted to check out! We spent some time in the Glossier store, and I did not expect to like it as much as I did (I thought it was overhyped). We did up our make up trying all of their products and then took some time walking around before dinner. We all took photos with different walls to represent each of us- so of course mine needed to be the succulent wall (insert heart eyes).

Something that I enjoy now that I did not used to is putting outfits together. I want to keep a record of the clothes that I actually wear because I need to get rid of (donate) what I do not use. I think Marie Kondo’s methods may work out for me since we both put an emphasis on joy. So I can then get rid of the items that are not adding anything positive to my life. I also desire to be more sustainable in my future choices, and stop supporting brands that are a part of fast fashion and contribute to unfair labor practices. etc.


So I guess this place can also serve to track evidence of my process.

If I had thought about posting these perhaps I would have changed up the pictures a bit more lol Oh well!
Always in Chucks.

If anyone out there has any tips for making more sustainable choices and/ or some good organizing secrets let me know!